About Me

Welcome to Guide Assam. Just Over a year ago I trying to write a blog. Because I find Blog was a Great Platform For Sharing Knowlege and Favorite thing on the Internet. I also find A blog is a well Place for earning Extra money spending a little time in. The blog is more impotent for me than money. I Make this Blog by My self in Blogger Because I am Web Designer. Guide Assam Google Plus.

What I am Writing on This Blog?

In My, Opinion Blogger is The best Platform to Sharing your favorite thing on the Internet. I am From Assam and I trying to write about Beauty of Assam, Writing only those thing which is belonged from Assam.

Why I choose Blogger Platform?

I Find Blogger is a Great and Free blogging Platform Where I Got Free hosting by Blogger. If I am Going Making a Blog on Other Platform there I Have to spend more money on hosting. So I Finely decide I will Make a blog page on Blogger Platform.

Who Am I?

My Mame is Narayan Karki.

Narayan Karki


I Really Love Assamese Songs Music So I decided to share with you My favorite Songs lyrics thought this Blog.
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