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Borgeet (বৰগীত) is the form of devotional songs immortalized by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev ( মহাপুৰুষ শ্ৰীমন্ত শংকৰদেৱ ) and Srimanta Madhabdev. Those songs are written in 15th and 16th centuries and used as prayers in Satras and Naamgharas.


Borgeet is an integral part of Eksaran Bhagabati dharma and its practice throughout the Vaishnab Satras in Assam.

The first Borgeet (বৰগীত) Mana Meri Rama-caranahi Lagu was composed by Srimanta Sankardeva during his first pilgrimage at Badrikashram in c 1488. The Borgeets are written in the pada form of verse. The first pada, marked as dhrung, works as a refrain and is repeated over the course of singing of the succeeding verses. In the last couplet, the name of the poet is generally mentioned. The structure of Borgeets is said to model the songs of 8-10th century Charyapada.

The language Sankardev used for all his Borgeets (বৰগীত) is Brajavali, an artificial Maithili-Assamese mix, though Madhavdeb used Brajavali very sparingly.

The specialty of the lyrics of Borgeet (বৰগীত) is in the reticence. The principles of Vaishnavism and also the life of Lord Shree Krishna, Rama are depicted in a very simple manner in these Borgeets (বৰগীত). The lyrics don’t have an insight into the love-romance activities of Bhagwan (God) Shree Krishna. Instead, the songs are fully devoted to the religious and spiritual aspects of God’s life.

Apart from the simple spiritual lyrics, the Borgeet (বৰগীত) are bound to very melodious classical music. These are close to Hindustani Classical music but has its own signature. Borgeet (বৰগীত) follows various Ragas like any other Hindu classical music. Tala(beats) are mentioned of some of the Borgeet (বৰগীত), but for the rest, there is no mention by the two Mahapurusha.

Number of Borgeet (বৰগীত) by Sankardev is 34. It is said that this number is around 200 but unfortunately most of them were burnt in a wildfire. Madhabdev wrote around 157 Borgeet (বৰগীত).

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