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Assam Where and What to See ? (Guide Assam )

I am here to tell you Something that I know about Assam. I am here for sharing some Information about. Assam is an untouched paradise! “Assam” is a green land in Region of India in Asia. It Was connected via Air, Road, and Railways from the city in India.

Assam is situated between 90-96 degree East Longitude and 24-28 degree North Latitude, It is bordered in the North and East by the Kingdom of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh(a State of India). Along the south lies Nagaland(a State of India), Manipur (a State of India)and Mizoram(a State of India). Meghalaya(a State of India) lies to her South-West, Bengal(a State of India) and Bangladesh to her West.

Best places to visit In Assam

Though there are many best places in Assam, here are some of the best places to visit in Assam which I found everyone should at least visit.

Assam national parks and famous wildlife sanctuaries. Here Some name of the national parks which you can visit once you reach in Assam.

  • Kaziranga National Park.
  • Manas National Park.
  • Nameri National Park.
  • Pobitora wildlife sanctuary.
  • Umanda Temple.
  • Ma Khamkya Devi Temple.
  • Agnigarh hill.
  • Brahmaputra River.
  • Madan Kamdev.

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