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Madan Kamdev a Marvel which speaks about the Ancient Kamrup

Madan Kamdev

Madan Kamdev is located in Dewangiri Hill of Kamrup District. Madan Kamdev was brought to light in the 1970s during an archaeological excavation. Ruins of several temples were revealed spreading across half a kilometer area. Radiocarbon dating shows that the structure belongs to the medieval period. The sculpture and intricate carvings are truly mesmerizing. Sculptures of Madan (God of Love), elephants, lions, Gods and Goddesses etc. are great pieces of architecture. This place is an excellent example of medieval period stone sculpture. It's a true wonder of North East India

How to rich Madan Kamdev Temples?

To arrive via public Transport from Aadabari Bus Stand 8Km 10Rs fare on Bus. Using Public Transport all over Guwahati fare come just rs 10 to 50 Rs.
Madan Kamdev situated in a green Eden on the Dewangiri hill of Kamrup district. Madan Kamdev is a marvel speaking the glory of Assam's medieval era. you can also call Khajuraho of Assam. Madan Kamdev is the true heaven for archeologists.
This temple mainly ruins and is known for the "erotic" carvings on the ruins.

The scenario of the Madan Kamdev Dewangiri Hill

Scattered all around the Dewangiri hill look with an idyllic backdrop of green hills and flowing rivulet, are griffins, nymphs, dancing fairies, gods and goddesses in cosmic evaluations, and door frames decorated with flowers, animals, women, and animals in every conceivable erotic posture, all in ruins-ruin of gigantic.
Proportion - that is Madan Kamdev. Carvings that arrest time and remain ageless proclaiming eternal yearning for Love and Joy.
Every curable surface here is vibrant with a fervor of joy-dee Vivre which transformed rocks into the living, breathing, dancing beauty - a timeless dream on silent rocks.
It is believed that Kama or Madan, the God of Love was reborn in this place after being turn into ashes by angry Lord Shiva.

One school believe that Madan was reborn and united to his wife Rati in this tiny hillock. Another school argues that the name Madan Kamdev is the romantic association to place, because of the numerous erotic sculptures.
Perhaps there is no place in India except Khajuraho and Kanarak, where basic weaknesses of mortals caught in fear, doubt, love, jealousy, and consummate passion have been so eloquently expressed. It is really a mystery, how Madan Kamdev, a place exquisite antiquities, so near to Guwahati escaped the notice of all for such a long time.
It is now established that many priceless images of Madan Kamdev were either stolen by curio hunters or by religion-duped villagers without perhaps realizing the value of the curving they removed.
Assam Archeology more or less has confirmed that the ruins of Madan Kamdev belonged to the 10th to 12th century A.D. when the Pala Dynasty ruled Kamrupa.
The ruins are believed to be the remains of more than 20 temples consigned to Lord Shiva. The surviving portion of Madan Kamdev shows that these were perhaps the finest medieval temples ever built in the entire Brahmaputra Valley.

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