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Mati mah dailor logot paro mangxo (Pigeon with split black gram)

Mati mah dailor logot paro mangxo (pigeon with split black gram) is a Best Pigeon Dish in Assam. In this post i am going to sharing with you Mati mah Dailor logot paro mangxo Ingredients and cooking Method. I already post Maasor Tenga complete Recipe. If you are now on outdoor and you are looking for some taste Assamese recipe as wildlife the you can open the Baahor Chungar Maach or If you like Mutton and you are worry about how to cooked Mutton as Traditional Style in Assam don't worry Bahgajor logot Patha Mangxo Mutton with Bamboo Shoot is one of the best Mutton Dish in Assam.

Ingredients for making Mati Mah Dailor Logot Para mangxo.

  • Urad bean (Mati mah dail) - 150 Gm.
  • Water - 700 ml
  • Onion paste - 2 tbsp.
  • Garlic paste - 2 tsp.
  • Ginger paste - 1 tsp.
  • Slit green chilies - 5 piece.
  • Mustard Oil - 3 to 4 tbsp.
  • Bay leaves - 2 Nose.
  • Dry chillies - 2
  • Fennel powder - 1 tsps level
  • Coriande powder - 1 level tsp
  • Crushed cardamom - 4
  • Crushed cinnamon - 1 inch long
  • Turmeric powder - 1 level tsp
  • Salt - to taste ( According Taste )
  • Freshly crushed pepper powder - 1 level tsp

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How to Cook ?

Soak the dall overnight and wash and drain.
Note - Do not remove all the peel.
Next step - Pressure cook the dal with a little salt.

Heat oil in a karai ones it heat low flame fry bay leaves and sry chilies until it changes colour add Onion Past, Garlic past and fry 2 to 3 minute. Now you can add meat and sprinkle coriander powder, fennel powder, turmeric powder and salt ( Salt according to taste ). ones meat will fry add the dal and slit Green Chillies, Crushed Cardamom and cinnamon also add the pepper powder, Ginger Past and stir well cook covered till it ready. Ones its ready serve with rice.

Finely you how to make Pigeon with split black gram Assamese style.
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