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Top 5 Traditional Instruments Used in Bihu | Festival of Assam

Traditional Instruments are Awesome. Every religion has there owned traditional music in Assam Tradition music called Bihu. Any traditional folk song and dance music performance is never complete without tradition music Instruments. Every Part of Indian has their own Traditional music and Instruments.

North Eastern Part of India Assam has Adventure Tradition Instrument. here I am going to share you some best and Important Top 5 Traditional Instruments Used in Bihu. Chief festival in Assam Bihu where mostly using these Instruments. using this Instruments Creating the music is also unique and Beautiful.

1. Dhol – Dhol is a traditional instrument in Assam. Dhol commonly used at Bihu. it also used by the Vaishnav’s in their religious ceremonies. in Assamese its call – Dhule. ( ঢোল ). dhol is a double-sided barrel drum, However, the dhol is regarded as the most integral part of the Bihu celebrations. It is a two-sided instrument that is played either with hands or bamboo sticks. The dhol traditionally is a wooden barrel with both the open ends covered with animal skin. The pitch of the dhol depends on how tightly the skin is fastened on both the end of the instrument. This instrument is used for maintaining the rhythm of the festival. Dhol is widely used in Rongali Bihu. you can also read Bhogali Bihu harvest festival in Assam.

2. Khol – Khol is also a percussion instrument and looks very similar to dhol. also called Khul ( খোল ) The instrument is made from clay, with one end having a small head, while the other one having a larger head. It is usually played with both the hands and is strung from the neck using a band.

3. Gagana – Gagana is an instrument made from bamboo and is very delicate in nature. Given its delicate nature, it is usually played by women using tier hands and teeth’s. The instrument has a very shrill sound that makes the festival appear very colorful, lively and gorgeous. There two types of Gagana available Ramdhan Gagona and Lahori Gagona. Ramdhan Gagona is generally played by men. It is shorter, wider & slightly heavier than the Lahori Gogona, to fit properly in a typical man’s hand. This instrument is often tucked in a tongali tied around the performer’s waist or in a vivid Gamusa tied around the head like other instruments like Bahi (Flute), Xutuli. Lahori Gogona is made to fit a woman’s hand, so it is slightly slimmer and longer than the Ramdhan Gogona. It is generally tucked into a hair knot while performing the vibrant Bihu dance. ( Test of Assam ).

4. Nagada – The other name of a Nagada is kettle drums that are played with sticks and usually accompanies the Shehnai.

5. Shinga Pepa – Shinga Pepa ( hornpipe musical instrument ) is made from the horn of a buffalo with a little pipe made from the bamboo thrust into it. The instrument forms an integral part of the Bihu celebrations and the Shinga usually has a very shrill sound and is used to announce the commencement of any occasion.

These are the Top 5 Traditional Instruments Used in Bihu Besides these, usual instrument other stringed and solid instruments that are played during a traditional Bihu dance programme include Tokari, Serenda, Been Taal and Kah.
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